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Viburnum on the South Boundary of Carlisle Center Park

Viburnum on the South Boundary of Carlisle Center Park  ~  Image (c) SP, 2013 all rights reserved

This season Center Park added a new path that links the park with the Carlisle rotary, Fern’s Country Store, Gleason Library, the school, churches, the Veteran’s Memorial on Carlisle Common and business offices.

There is also a new paperbark maple tree (Acer griseum) along the North boundary; it was donated by Brian J. Prosser in memory of Katharine Dru Prosser. The Friends of Center Park are grateful for his gift.

Center Park celebrated its 6th birthday on June 29 with ice cream (from Kimball Farm!) and cake. The Ancient Mariners played Dixieland jazz and selections from the American Songbook.

About Center Park


Astilbe ~ Image (c) JMcCT, 2013 all rights reserved

A garden oasis in the center of Carlisle, Massachusetts, peaceful Center Park offers a restful stopping place for visitors and brings serenity to Carlisle Center.

A flower-filled island welcomes you as you enter the park, and an expansive lawn offers seating areas that invite picnics, conversations and quiet contemplation.

A parcel filled with overgrown brush was transformed by the Friends of Center Park who brought the town and its boards together in 2006.

The Friends then raised the funds needed for landscape and garden designer Maria von Brincken, APLD, along with landscape architects Lowell Robinson and Pliny Jewell III to enhance the site with their sensitive plans and very hard work.

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