An oasis in the Historic District of Carlisle, Center Park is now in its 10th year. A recent visitor exclaimed, “Center Park is to Carlisle what the Public Garden is to Boston!”

This website is intended to introduce you to the park—its vision, history, design, and beauty. A four-minute video created in 2010 includes fascinating pictures, texts, and lively music to take you from the barren lot of 1974, through the construction of Center Park and its planting in 2007, to the blooming flowers of today.

At the History tab, you will find interesting details of the park’s past, including plant updates and a description of the park’s sixth birthday celebration. The other tabs are Events, Design Plans, Visitors, Plants, and Friends. At the Friends tab you will find a listing of our generous donors who helped create and maintain Center Park.

During this winter season, several hollies and winterberry bushes displayed their dramatic red berries. By February, the birds had finished feasting. But whether snow covered or not, the graceful shapes and lines of the park’s design continue to highlight this peaceful and beautiful place.

Everywhere you will observe the park’s enhanced design features, including established plantings, a lawn with four seating areas, perennial beds, a trellis with a climbing hydrangea, and an island that brings the park to the street. The original landscape garden designer was Maria von Brincken and the landscape architects were Pliny Jewell III and Lowell Robinson. The park’s dedicated caretaker/groundskeeper, Tim Malone, expertly tends this parcel of town land.

We hope you enjoy touring through our website and will visit soon: Carlisle Center Park, 42 Lowell Street, Carlisle, MA.

For more information, to share your ideas, or to give us inspiration, please contact centerparkincarlislema@gmail.com.

Summer 2016 has arrived in Carlisle Center Park! This season marks the park’s ninth year of providing a multitude of glorious blossoms that visitors have come to expect.

Peace and beauty abound in the new and established plantings in the flowerbeds around the lawn. Visitors will also note many special-interest plants throughout the park, including 72 hay-scented ferns near the back stone wall.

Carlisle Center Park offers four generously laid out seating areas ideal for relaxing and enjoying the harmonious design, quiet beauty, and gentle setting of this greenspace.

Near the teak benches in the center bed several knockout rose bushes are blooming, along with dozen Weigela displaying maroon flowers, and Baptisia, with delicate blue blossoms.

Mid-season royal purple clematis is in bloom along with Catmint/Nepeta and Astilbe.

A new climbing hydrangea has settled on three trellis panels  The complete plant listing is at the website: carlislecenterpark.org, including a variety of hosta and Solomon’s Seal that are spreading throughout the park’s 45-foot island.

Tim Malone, groundskeeper, enjoys meeting all who stop by for a visit while he expertly tends to the park, located on more than half an acre of Carlisle town property, at 42 Lowell Street.  For more information, or to give us feedback, ideas, and inspiration, please contact us at centerparkincarlislema@gmail.com.

Carlisle Town Board of Selectmen

On April 12, 2016, the Carlisle Board of Selectmen appointed three members, Gretchen Anderegg, Giovanna DiNicola, and Edith Pendock, to the Carlisle Center Park Standing Committee. The committee formulates and promotes the affairs of the park, as described in the following Statement, which was unanimously adopted by the Board of Selectmen on November 10, 2015. Please take a moment to read about the mission, vision, purpose, and goals and objectives of the park’s Standing Committee.

Carlisle Center Park Standing Committee

Mission Statement
Carlisle Center Park is a scenic landmark and place of retreat in Carlisle, MA. It was created to preserve and maintain in perpetuity an open public space designed for the use and enjoyment of its residents, their families, friends, and visitors.

The Center Park Standing Committee aims to foster a sense of community engagement with the park that contributes to the social, environmental, and economic fabric of the town of Carlisle.

The Center Park Standing Committee will provide general oversight of the park. The Committee will seek to maintain the quality and character of the space in order to ensure its continued enjoyment by future generations.

Goals and objectives
The Center Park Standing Committee—comprising five to seven residents appointed by the Town’s Selectmen—is committed to the continued support and beautification of Center Park. This will be accomplished through fundraising and potentially timely recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for additional funds to maintain and improve the park to be included during the standard annual budget cycle.

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